How to choose the life we want when all we do is survive?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

After my morning meditation I was contemplating on work, money and purpose. When I first started my professional career I had very little to say on what kind of job I do or who to work for. I searched searched and searched until I find someone to say yes to what I had to offer. It wasn't always terrible, in-fact, some of my jobs were really nice and with a good pay. But after doing them for some time, I was bored. I felt uninspired and drained. So I decided to give my energy to attracting the kind of work I truly wanted that supported my dream for traveling and building business relationships with likeminded people who I liked and cared about.

I'm grateful to say that I'm on this path today. I'm doing the work that gives me energy and work with clients who make me feel loved. The money is not consistent and the work is hard but I love it. I think this is what we all want - to live a life that we love. But why is it so hard to achieve?

Here is a concept to think about: We can choose the life we want at any moment. It is all about having the energy to do so.

Humans are emphatic light beings. This means we vibrate and feel each other's energies. If our surrounding does not give us energy - love and support our higher self - we soon feel drained and depleted.

According to ancient traditions there are 3 types of energy; one that we were born with, one we receive from food, exercise and relationships; and last is from the universe. In our day to day life we deal with the second type that's called Qi or Prana. Qi enters the body with breath.

When we dislike our job or work under stress our breathing becomes shallow. We start giving our own energy out to complete our tasks. When we're weak other people around us who are also hungry for energy leach on us through showing attitudes or creating conflicts. At the end of the day, when we come home feeling drained and tired. We eat some comfort food, receive some energy from people we live with, watch a show to numb the mind and go to sleep to restore the energy that was taken from us. Next day we wake up and do the same thing all over again and life goes on. When we can restore enough energy we continuo our life normally; when we can't, we get sick.

Most of us are living in a vicious circle without having enough to keep up with the spinning-wheel we're in.

When we start living our life with more awareness, practice self care, breath consciously, meditate, take walks in nature and bring more love into your daily activities we start connecting with the divine source. Devine energy is infinite; however, not constant. It requires regular practice. We also need to be aware of when we're giving our energy away or depleting other people's energy around us. Once we start understanding how our energy works, we can start increasing our energy to run faster than our wheel. That day, we feel good about life and everything seem to be aligned; even though, nothing had changed. Then one day we see another way - an opportunity for something better... an our life suddenly becomes so different, even unrecognizable, in all the positive ways.

This is what I personally experienced in my life... and my knowledge of energy is neither final, nor complete. As life unfolds I learn something new...

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