How does Spirituality and Nature's Elements strengthen business?

I'm so grateful for this question, that has often been asked.

Spirituality is a practice of self knowing, cultivating compassion and achieving inner peace. So, it's about self. Business or 'work' is an act of self.

We spend two thirds of our lives working. For what exactly? Different people, at different stages of their lives, would answer differently to this question: At first, it is about standing on one's feet and survival. Once this is established, one questions enjoyment and satisfaction. Once that is achieved, next question is about growth and establishment; and after that, the one considers to contribute with the knowledge and experience. Only when we grow old enough and death enters our minds, we start questioning - if our life had filed our soul. At this stage there is no difference between job and life. It's all one.

This natural process follows the natural human evolution and evolution of elements - earth, water, fire, air and ether. Each element relates to a different stage of human life and spiritual evolution. Living an awakened life is the ability to see and recognize all elements at once. This enables individuals to live their lives with a sense of purpose and deep connection.

Imagine a business culture where everyone acts consciously, taking responsibility for their actions and treating one another with genuine care. A business owners' care for their employees will only evoke more dedication, respect and hard-work. A brand's expression of core values and a mission that is bigger than itself, attracts loyalty and following.

The Five Elements is an ancient philosophy and a framework that sees business as a natural phenomena. It's based on a core belief that nothing that is created on Earth is separate from it; therefore, carries the attributes of its elements.

Earth: Solid and Structural

Water: Soft and Nurturing

Fire: Energetic and Transformational

Air: Free, Expressive and Expanding

Aether: Connected and Soulful

Following this framework can help us understand the role of our business deeper than what it appears on the surface. It not only brings about an inquiry about life's purpose but also connects us as human-beings with each-other and with the mother-nature.

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