Ayahuasca to COVID-19

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Early this year I made a commitment to taking my life & business to the next level of authenticity and alignment without knowing what the year will bring.

Often in the regular rhythm of life we fall into habitual living and loose sight of what is really important. A good way of finding out what it is really in your heart, is to ask yourself "What would I do, if I wasn't afraid?". My answer to this question was 'to travel'. I really needed a change of space and perspective. So I decided to take my business on the road and see what happens. Today I'm writing this blog from the Sacred Valley in Peru, where we got 'stuck' because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Before getting into my article I want to let you know that we feel very happy, safe and grateful to be here at this time.

Before arriving to Cusco, we traveled to Terapotto - the northern part of the country, at the high jungle, to experience the Ayahuasca we heard so much about. The reason I wanted to do it was to ask the mother plant what my purpose is while I'm in transition to move to Bancroft from Toronto. I had no clue if the plant could have the answer to my question so I kept my expectations open.

Before the plant ceremony we followed a strict diet to cut out any strong energies and toxins that may influence our mind and meditated a lot. Our shaman was a very kind and loving man from Catalonia, who was recommended to us by a close friend, and we were very lucky to be the only 2 people with him at the time.

The day of the ceremony we had a light oatmeal breakfast, plant based lunch but no dinner. He told us to be in contemplation mood and do some yoga to preserve energy. At 6:30 pm we gathered in a large cabin in the jungle that he decorated with shimmering stones. There were 3 beds on the floor with blankets and plastic buckets for each. Ivan and I took our place on both sides. After softly singing and talking to the plant extract, our shaman poured us two little shots to drink. The taste was very bitter and unpleasant. The effects started after around 40 minutes with neon colours in my vision and feeling like being on a roller coaster. At first it felt a bit scary like going down the rabbit hole - literally all the visuals got distorted and got sucked into a hole - yet familiar from all the movies and videoclips form the 70's we all have seen before.

As the plant started to take effect I was pulled into serious of wormholes that brought forward a different vision. This process was so fast that it was hard to make sense of. The visions were completely random, or at least it felt like that in the moment. They were sometimes emotional, sometimes funny but always distorted in some way.

When I opened my eyes, I was awake and saw our Shaman singing and dancing in the dark keeping us grounded. I also saw a colourful pattern, like an invisible skin, connecting everything together as one. That's how I knew that I was still under the influence.

I was shown that there is no particular meaning to my life other than whatever I make of it. I saw the ocean of quantum field with all the possibilities ready to be formed on will. I saw how easy it is to shape our reality with our thoughts yet how unconscious we are with this ability.

I saw different lives and life-times forming a diamond shape intertwined and constantly in motion. In this vision time was so wast that a human life felt so insignificant as if an ant's life to us. The only moments that mattered were the moments that I had given my heart and focus into. Those moments were somehow captured, and nothing else I did really mattered in the vastness of time and space.

Our natural ecosystem (earth) and slow flow of time felt so heavenly compared to the experience I was having. I've seen what it is like to be trapped in the circle of life and death - being pulled into one life to another without a break, without recognizing our true nature. This made me feel a tremendous sense of gratitude and love towards everything and everyone.

The effects of the plant faded away after four and a half hours and everything was back to normal. There was a beautiful full moon outside and the sound of the wind and the river filled my ears once again. The overall experience was not so straight forward as I explain it here and there were things I saw that I couldn't make sense of.

The next day we were completely disoriented and slept for a long time. After we got our energy back we compared our experiences and they were completely different. Walking away I felt an increase sense of connection to all things and felt grateful for the insight I got before the world was swapped away by the COVID-19.

This global epidemic is certainly causing a lot of suffering for some; but on the other hand, uniting humanity with care and understanding of each others humanity. Corona Virus, like anything else, is our creation and responsibility. Where-ever you are and what-ever your experience is like, remember you are not alone. Take good care of your energy and connect with the feelings of love (our true nature) to heal. We are the light world needs right now.

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