4 first steps to designing your path to freedom

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Are you dreaming of breaking free from your 9 to 5 corporate job to create your own business doing the things that matters to you the most, be the boss of your own time and perhaps be part of a bigger mission for change in the lives of others.

I remember the days I used to watch the planes flying in the sky from my downtown office, wondering how it would be like to be free to travel anytime you want. I used to notice the rhythm of the mother nature so calm and serene with admiration, while I was speed walking to my job with hundreds of other people.

I've always been called to freedom. That's why I wanted to become a fine-artist; but I never had the courage to follow this instinct when my parents protested and advised me to become a designer instead. SO I did.

Long story short I've waited until I was let go from my full-time position to start my own company five years ago with bunch of health problems. And ever since I've committed my days to make my yearning for freedom and authenticity a reality for my self and my clients.

Looking back, there are certain habits I naturally had that really helped me out during this time and some I've learned from other successful people. Here are my top 4 things to do if you're considering to venture into your freedom:

1. Define your Vision - If you want to follow your heart, then make knowing your hearts your number one priority. The most important and difficult question to ask yourself is "What do I want?" NOT What I don't want; but WHAT DO I WANT? Think ahead in the future (5 years) and just imagine the perfect life for you. Write it in your journal. Don't worry about HOW just yet - just dream your biggest and wildest dream.

2. Stand for Something - What are you all about? There is a thing that defines who you are ever since you were a little child. The thing you love, inspire by, believe in, called for, stand by that makes you happy - joyful... Believe me when I say; this is what you're here on this planet to do. This is your purpose, destiny or whatever you want to call it. Find that one thing that you really care about!

3. Know your Enemy - Notice what is in your way! It is often our way of thinking, subconscious beliefs saying "I'm not good enough, worthy or capable..." You may have fears, assumptions and negative self talk. Some most common limiting self talk: – This is too bold. –I have responsibilities. –I have no time. –I don't know anything about it. –What do you think? –Someone else has already done it. –It's too simple. –I don't have x - y - z. –I'm not supported... Write down all your excuses and ask yourself "Is this really TRUE, relevant and enough to make you give up?

4. Develop Discipline around Self Care - Have a routine. Make it a habit to start your day with Silence, Gratitude, Visualization and Affirmations to remind yourself what matters the most. Exercise - register for a class and show up. Read and Journal every day.

Remember that this life is a gift given to you to know yourself - to make your dreams a reality - to be happy - to love and to serve. So follow what you are called to do.

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